Monday, December 7, 2009

About Donner and Lecht

Hey all,

I'm sure I won't get too many followers, but I'd like to welcome the few of you to my blog. Donner und Lecht is German for "Thunder and Light" and that's what I'll aim to bring to you all.

In Donner und Lecht I will offer you samples of everything I'm working on, from my latest novel or poem to my latest message from God. I'll endeavor to keep an up-to-date list of what I'm reading and in which language.

Now that you know about my blog, you might be interested in who I am. I am Heydon, an aspiring novelist and poet. I study Literature, Mathematics, and Languages. I am currently fluent in German. and I am working on Latin. My next goal is Italian then who knows? I write poetry, novels, and love letters - though the latter you will probably never see.

I participate yearly in National Novel Writing Month ( which is what drew my from my Mechanical Engineering studies into a life of writing and romance. (Well, the Romance really happened on its own...)

I am an active member in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on both the University of New Mexico Campus as well as on the New Mexico Tech campus. I endeavor to become more Christ-like daily and I agree with Ghandi's quote about Christians (which may make some of you mad).

I hope you all have a pleasant visit and decide to come back.



  1. Yeah, it was always fun watching him bounce around the room Principles of Programming Languages. Or maybe that was Hamdy...