Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reading List Update (the first one ever)

Since I promised you all a reading list, here it is:

I'm currently working on
_Das Schloss_ by Franz Kafka (in original German)
_Dragonwing_ by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman (in English, two of the best Fantasy novelists ever)
_Sex and Dating: Questions you wish you had answers to_ by Mindy Meier (English, great book about relationships)

and that's it for now.

New Revision!

Hey all,

Sorry for the irregular updates. I'm sure you all know how finals weeks go. I'm happy to announce that I'm back in action starting yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm also only in the handwriting stage of things right now. This means it will be a while before you all get to see the shiny new draft of Wizard Storm! However, I assure you that bits of this draft will find themselves posted in a few weeks time. In the meantime, I ask you all to enjoy a few bits of poetry.

God's blessings

The Grey Everday

Clanking dishes replace dreams
of lingual proficiency. Patrons
coming and going without ado.
Without “Thank You”s.

A TV blares in the only language
they speak.

“Oxi-Clean! Cleans with the power of Oxygen!”
You think, what will we breathe?

It’s closing time. You turn the TV off,
let the people scurry into the grey evening.
An old patron once said she remembered the sun.
“Sunsets,” she said, “were fucking beautiful.
Even for us beneath Towers of Industry.”

It would have been nice to see some reds, oranges
and blues streaking across the sky like the news
banners, that spout nameless tragedies.

You shrug as you
heft the shears
for shearing
the largest stacks of Letterhead.
You measure once.
Cut twice.
Put your name on documents
of Shame:
Names are for those who make them.

You turn off the lights,
lock the doors,
slide fast the grates,
go back to where you came from –

Chauffeur to Venus

What? No! distance – it’s fine.
We can handle it.
Besides, it’s only 100 miles.
Less than two hours.
Not far at all.

I like to drive. (with-
I mean alone.
I like to drive alone.
What? No. I don't miss your cheek,
warm against my arm while you doze.
Really! I enjoy driving. -you)
Alone. Yeah.

I do.

Oh? I'm
glad you like it.
Maybe I'll leave my arm with you.
(Maybe I'll start leaving bits of myself
A Hand to open pickle jars,
Lips to dry your tears
I never really have to –
My chest to lay on
- Alone?)

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