Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well what I've been writing recently has been poetry mostly. Here are a couple Samples


We put on the brave face
our own isn't good enough.

Mars To Venus

What? No, distance is fine.
We can handle it. Besides,
to us it's only 100 miles.
Less than two hours.
Not far at all.

I like to drive (with-
I mean alone.
I like to drive alone.
What? No. I don't miss your cheek,
warm against my arm while you doze.
Really. I enjoy driving - you)
Alone. Yeah.

I do.

Oh? I'm comfortable to nap on?
I'm glad you like it.
Maybe I'll leave my arm with you.
(Maybe I'll start leaving bits of myself in your world so I never really have to leave)
Oh sorry. Talking to myself.
Go back to sleep.
Maybe I can handle the distance.

I like driving alone.